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Automatic High Speed Rolling shutter door for Cold storage

Hard fast door opening Product Details

Hard fast door opening Product Details

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The biggest feature of this series of door types is good insulation, fast running speed, and all the standard safety grating. In the process of opening and closing the door, there is no contact and friction between the door panels. It is a fast door that integrates heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance and environmental protection. The opening speed can reach up to 3.7 meters per second, which is suitable for high-speed and frequent logistics channels. The door panel is made of 0.7mm thick double-layer stretched aluminum plate, and the insulation material in the middle is filled with polyurethane foam. The cross section design is a bridge insulation structure, with good insulation, light weight, high strength, impact resistance and other characteristics, wind resistance grade ≤12. The door type is suitable for indoor and outdoor logistics and production fast channel. The door type can save energy loss caused by air circulation for enterprises, and save about 80% energy than ordinary industrial sliding doors and rolling shutter doors. The rapid opening and closing of the door makes the production efficiency of the enterprise greatly improved, the door is the only channel for enterprise logistics and production, its use and selection are directly related to the efficiency of enterprise production and logistics. Peiffer hard quick door has the characteristics of high reliability, practicality, easy operation and quick repair. The drive control adopts a stable, energy-saving and accurate servo system to ensure the reliable operation of the door body, in order to ensure trouse-free operation of more than one million times per year.

When the door is opened, the door panel is safely led into the top spiral track without any contact or friction between the door panel and the door panel. Three-phase frequency conversion control system as standard

The chain drive system with spring compensation allows the maximum opening speed of the gate to 3.7m/s. The guiding load-bearing track of the door ensures low noise during high-speed operation and no friction between the door and the track. According to the civil structure on site, it can be divided into: turbine suction type, elliptical suction type, re-straight lifting type, 90 degree standard turning lifting type or more track methods. The standard is turbine suction and oval suction, and other lifting methods need to make an appointment with our sales staff.

Safety system:

Infrared safety protection electric eyes: both sides of the door frame are provided with laser electric eyes, and there are objects below the quick door to keep the door open; When the door body falls and an object passes below it, the door will open to the maximum open position, and then delay the fall when there is no obstacle below.

Bottom safety protection edge: When the door body is falling, because the object is in the blind area of infrared safety protection, when the door body presses down on the lower obstacle, the door body quickly rebounds to the maximum open door, effectively protecting the object or pedestrian below to avoid accidents.

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