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Automation equipment Product Details

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The Industrial Revolution was the midwife of automation. It is because of industrial leather

In order to meet the needs of life, automation technology has broken through the egg shell and has flourished

Exhibition. At the same time, automation technology has also promoted the progress of industry and become an improved labor

The main means of dynamic productivity.

The automatic production line is a collection of assembly, testing, packaging and microcomputer data tube

Management and other integrated automated production line can be based on user product process flow

The process is tailored to optimize the selection of plate chain line, drum line, belt line,

Double speed line, chain drag line and other different structures or their combinations, and reproduced

Integrated FreeFlow, dynamic detection, fieldbus, bar code recognition, machine

Human technology and other advanced technologies, to achieve high efficiency, flexibility and balanced

It can be widely used in automobile, home appliance, communication, electronics and other fields.

It can be used for suspension chain line, ground rail chain line, air duct pipeline transportation and so on

Special conveying structure, plastic particles, chemical raw materials, zero parts in the warehouse

Parts are delivered as required to the specified equipment or station area or to implement the workpiece in no

The same station is transferred in time. Used in automobiles, home appliances, electronics, communications,

Food chemical industry and other broad fields.

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