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Multi-lift door

Multi-lift door Product Details

Multi-lift door Product Details

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Composition and overview of multi-section lifting door

It consists of six parts: 1) door system; 2) track system; 3) Counterweight system;

4) Sealing system; 5) Door opening machine system; 6) Transmission system.

Composed of multiple door panels, N door panels are called N vertical lifting doors, most commonly used for two vertical lifting doors and three vertical lifting doors.

Multi-stage lifting doors are usually balanced by counterweight. The counterweight is guided, safe and reliable, the failure rate is low, the strength of the door panel is good, and the linkage of multiple door panels is good. Manual, electric, remote control. Large and extra-large multi-stage lifting doors can be used to balance the power of the hoist, saving the space occupied by the counterweight.

Scope of application

It is suitable for ultra-wide and ultra-high doors with small space on both sides and limited height at the top. It should be designed according to the specific hole size and structure. It can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, sports venues, exhibition centers, large supermarkets, small hangars and other places.


The design of the door body is steel structure, and the insulation is polyurethane or polystyrene when the non-lighting structure is used. When lighting structure, the use of insulation and light transmission performance of the sun board.

According to the different size of the hole, you can choose different thickness of the door plate, the general thickness: 50 m, 75mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 160 mm, 200 m, extra large and multi-section

The overall thickness of the lifting door is 200-300mm.

The door panel roller is inlaid with a bearing with dust cover to prevent dust from entering and affecting bearing lubrication;

The track is composed of thick steel plate and square tube, and different colors of paint can be selected to attach;

The sealing strip is made of EPDM rubber and brush seal, with good rebound index, good weather resistance, low temperature resistance and smooth surface;

Transmission pulley, sprocket are made of high-quality carbon structural steel processing, the selection of dust cover bearing.


The multi-stage lifting door is usually wound by the wire rope in the moving and static pulley, and the switching action is realized through the chain drive and the pulley drive. This transmission principle makes the door plate run at different speeds according to a certain transmission ratio, and finally open, close and stop at the same time, and achieve a balanced state through counterweight;

Smooth start and stop, no impact load.

In addition to the cover of the color plate, the door panel can also be decorated with aluminum plastic plate and other decorative surfaces, increase the appearance, improve the grade, corrosion resistance, beautiful;

High quality plates and standard parts increase the strength of the door body;

The door can be set up lighting window (with), can also use full lighting structure, lighting material selection of light light board;

It is composed of multiple door panels to reduce the space of the top stack;

Remote control, manual opening and closing doors (small and medium-sized multi-stage lifting doors)

There are infrared protection system on both sides of the door body, when there are people or items through the falling door, the door will automatically rebound up; (optional)

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